Carina Fogde

My work is about signs of memories, textures, and dreams. I have worked with the
house and sunflowers with the texture in metal. My houses are transformed into
solitary bodies when distanced from the urban environment. Deprived of windows and
doors, they close everything out with their stark frames. The sunflowers were
transformed from dead flowers and into individual frozen moments.
They may be archetypes of emotions, symbols, or habitation. Reflecting on silence, the
unspoken, memories and dreams, simplicity, beauty, and fragility, where every nerve is
on the outside, which is where I want to be.
The purpose of this body of work is to use art therapy to work with memories and
materials, and to explore textures and forms in artistic expressions. The underlying
motivation is to explore and share methods that encourage healing processes by
working with memories. My aim is to find artistic expressions, forms, and textures, by
materializing memories.
Working with three memories and dreams on three different body of work.
Sunflowers - memories from childhood. The hut - memories from Saltoluokta and the
longing for the north. Abode - the dream of the house, the texture, and freedom. I use
theories, poetry, photographs, and a movie to describe the idea. The method has been
process-oriented in projects in metal and other materials. I have worked with textures
in wax, which I have then cast in three different foundries.