Emi Candido

This exam project is a development of an idea of a body of work that
began a year ago when I was working on my previous project when I
decided to rework it and use it as my major project for my final exam.
It is a topic that I hope to expand on in the future because it is a big
subject that is always changing with new methods and ideas for treating
individuals with psychiatric symptoms.
In this work I'm using self-reflection in my personal experience when I
connect with people who gives me their own experience and their daily
experience with the use of medicines, social interaction, where behaviour
is shaped, called in society the "normal" or accepted behavior.
With this work, I will analyze numerous aspects of what I term social
behavior, beginning with my own experience as a result of growing up in a
place where social contact is considerably more open.
The work is now grouped into three interconnected behavioral themes.
The first subject is about layers of protection, which are walls we construct
to shield our inner core as a result of trauma, family dynamics pressure,
society, religion, or cultural differences. The second is about societal
pressure, and the third is about thoughts and using pharmaceuticals to
affect one's mental conduct.
My work has frequently been linked with sentiments; either my personal
feelings about a certain subject, or feelings transferred via the
experiences of others I know, but also feelings about the collective
Working figuratively with the purpose of triggering in the viewer
something recognizably familiar, circumstances encountered, or even self-
awareness about oneself.