Emille de Blanche

Emille de Blanche sculptures move in the borderland between the abstract and the geometric. Her works are strongly connected to the city, a place she views as an organism which she explore through sculptural investigations using texture, materiality and structure. Her sculptures are a collage of various motifs and details from the public space, where de Blanche highlights and lifts details from their original context and allows them to be transformed in her sculptures. The motifs often reveal something unseen in a new light, creating new readings and contexts. In her work, de Blanche draws on a personal archive of different environments, with fragmented memories of places and details forming the basis of her work in the studio. Her archive consists of alternative views of the city, of interaction and exploration of shared public spaces. The use of industrial materials is central to the process and de Blanche sees it as a direct reflection of the public environment, emphasising chance and anti-form as important factors in her practice.

Emille de Blanche (b. 1981) holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design and are based in Stockholm,SE.