Filip Schmidt

I think things like old planks, rusty iron that has once been touched by human hands inhibits a
presence, a question.
These remnants of existence often leaves one wondering about their purpose; maybe they were tools
that were used for solving what needed to be done at a certain time, or treasured as objects of selffulfillment.
They become older reverbs of ephemerality.
With this notion, I repurpose these materials into objects of exploration, trying to find a (non-)
function, a tool, to present as reminders of the lives and experiences of the people before us.


The title ’Jordbåt’ is roughly translated into ’Soil Boat’. It could be the unearthing of a time gone
by, a coffin, or a vessel of reaching beyond.
In this project, I have sought to explore my memories, distorted by time in relation to the
archetypical imagery of a boat. By manifesting the romanticized notion of something that once was,
to show the duality of absence and presence, I hope to evoke a sombre moment of reminiscence.