Guillaume Klein

The concepts behind my work relate to my curiosity with material, form, space, and how the combination of these elements may affect the viewers visual and touch perception. I shall discuss how my interaction with materials through the means of craft has had a direct influence on the results of my sculptural practice. The tacit knowledge I have gained through the process of making has been used to influence the viewer’s interaction with the work. I shall discuss how this craft based research is the foundation for all the work that I have produced during my master’s education.

The Industrial architecture of 20th century factories, bridges and other structures are the inspiration for my visual aesthetic. This stems from my background with blacksmithing as the materials and processes used within the craft are reminiscent of the previously mentioned architectural structures. I will layout my working processes from the beginning of my journey at HDK Steneby and the concepts of theorists and artists who inspired or related to my sculpture. All my research in theory and material exploration has culminated in a body of work consisting of three medium sized sculptures and one installation.