Ingrid HoppHegg



They are colorful metal objects that I placed on others' artwork. The concept is to take over sculptures and change their expression into a story where the Usurper is in power.
I will try to describe why I find building on or taking over other artwork interesting, as well as my thoughts in and around the work process.
I am inspired by the joyful and entertaining welding process to create my work.
From inspecting the welded forms I gained the understanding that the Usurpers had to have an unplaceable shape. The Usurpers need the sculptures they are on to look like complete
pieces. What I got out of testing different textures was that a clear almost strict pattern together with a shape more wild made for a good base, because this texture gives them a clear
The Usurper's shape was now looking twisted and vibrant,
giving them in my opinion a sense of alive creatures.
When I placed them on sculptures the question of what
they were doing there arised in me, they become creatures with
a separate mind then my own.
The bright color which I associated with playfulness
answered this by making the taking over a playful entertaining
act done for their own pleasure.
I want to place them inside and outside to find the space
that benefits the concept of taking over. When I place the
Usurpers I am looking for the qualities of that sculpture, if
it is a spot on the sculpture that captures my attention, If
the sculpture has a specific direction, or if the viewer has
to be in a certain position to be able to experience the
piece. The goal is to make the sculpture impossible to
experience without also seeing the Usurpers. what I mean is
that you are unable to phase it out, and therefore must
experience them both.
I then consider the sculpture as taken over.