Lina Söderberg



As a maker, as someone who makes things up, there is only one way to really own something. And that is to use your imagination and make it again, in your own way, with your own hands in a material of your own choice.

The atmosphere has expanded its territory in my consciousness. It is a process that has been going on for years and I can’t say when it really started. It has gone from being a transparent empty space, a medium to just see through, into a massive ocean of air. Sometimes singing full of wings, sometimes raging, throwing trees around and drowning valleys in water. Maybe I am not alone with this experience. Maybe the weather has become a powerful entity in the minds of many. We hear about it on the news. We inhale it into our bodies with every breath, powers beyond our horizon.

Lina Söderberg has her master degree in Fine arts in arts and crafts, with specialization in Iron and steel/ public space from the University of Gothenburg HDK, Valand, Campus Steneby, where she now works as a lecturer. As an artist she is interested in the properties of iron and the perception of the human mind: to see what lies between the lines, and fill in what is missing.