Maia Hellman

This memorial sight is a representation of a house, where people like me, anxious about being in a social environment, could find a place to feel connected with themselves more in a private way. To isolate sometimes can be the only thing to be wishing for, but it can also lead to other anxiety feelings. My main focus here was more creating this place by shouting out that this exists among us, and there is no shame in that.

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The Collaboration

This webpage is the result of collaboration between two leading international university programs in metal art. A selection of the best BfA and MfA exam work will be presented every year.

HCA Hereford

Delyth Done
Hereford College of Arts
College Road Campus
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HDK Valand

Professor Heiner Zimmermann
Hemslöjdsvägen 1
666 95 Dals Långed
+46 768898186

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