Mhairi Fraser

Sound can possess a body, fill it, and when it is silent, has changed it.

Sound is a powerful means of communication and connection which can affect our emotions instantaneously. We are surrounded by sound every day which can affect our lives subtly or dramatically. We hear and feel sound with our whole body and it creates a resonance within ourselves.

“My work utilises my own sonic experiences and memories to create a unique blend of craftwork, sound and performance. Working by hand gives me a close connection to my material which is an integral part of my process. I experience sonic reverberations every day when I work with hot metal on the anvil. They resonate within me and I feel the material through the sound which enters my body.”

Mhairi is a professionally trained blacksmith and educated musician who aims to let these two professions collide in her artistic practice. Born in Scotland, she has a strong cultural foundation in the potential of music and sound in everyday life.