Mhairi Fraser

“…Sound is more abstract, and less manageable than visual; I can see where you look, but cannot perceive where you listen.” (Kirkegaard, 2013, p.43)

In this report I want to share my findings on my Masters material experimental project, ‘Resonance’. As a trained blacksmith and active musician, my interests in both metal and sound combined to create the core of this work – using different metals which explore the sonic reverberative qualities of the material and how they resonate with the body both physically and emotionally. Work which can be interacted with and provide a platform for active listening, using not just hearing but the other senses to explore the metal when it is activated.
I will introduce this report with a background text then lead into the exploration of the abandoned paper mill in Fengersfors in my first year at Steneby. This led to the exploration of interaction with space using sound and material. Here I will document my research and development of process, through to the exam work pieces.