Moe Omari

Modus – The Sacred Geometry

“Modus” geometry accompanied my journey during the last two years. A three-dimensional individual that was inspired by the Muqarnas elements. 

The Muqarnas, in Arabic for stalactite vault. It is an ancient type of element employed in architecture. This occurred and flourished during the ruling of the Islamic State, between the 11th - 17th centuries. However, little is known about it, and about the production methods that were implemented in the creation of this type of art.

Inspired by the process of repetition that occurs while practicing new techniques.  Patterns are everywhere. For instance, the various attempts to produce a specific result appeared as a pattern of repeated objects by the end of the day, I got curious about this phenomenon, even though, personally, I do not like repetition to occur. Going forward, I started to see the positive aspects of the repeated patterns of action, which results in; mastering skills. 

In Mother Nature creations, and in Man-made formations; patterns are a harmonic rhythm that modulates form and space. From a body perspective; it generates feelings of safety and eternity in the observer. Ornamental patterns and geometries play a major role traditionally in the construction of everyday life. The reflection they add on the surroundings with different elements from Mother Nature results in an interaction with our perception in an the abstract form of beauty combined with senses of spirituality and symbolism.

To conclude, Modus is introduced as an ornamental geometrical patterns that can be installed in different compositions to create sophisticated artwork contemporarily.