Petter Lundström

Momento Vitae

Minns Livet – remember life

The things we leave behind; The things that remind us of those who left us; The thing that we do to remember and the things that help us connect

Our lives are filled with things. Most are items of little importance, things we buy and throw away during a lifetime. But some things carry a value to us, like our favourite childhood mug that we carried from place to place when we moved throughout life. And some things remind us more than others of the person that used to own them. We can smile and vividly remember a particular time we saw the person using it. Yet some things can almost define a person, make all who knew them say ”Yup, that’s John.” When we live we leave our marks in the world around us. In the things we use and in the surfaces we touch and wear down. In the people we meet, influence and remember us after we are gone. I got inspired to make a memorial that could make us remember a person, and the life shared with others. A marker that could show a little of the marks someone left in the world. A marker for a life and not only for a last resting place and grave. A place to connect and a place to hopefully, in some small way, still feel the life through the things that remind us of them.

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