Prof. Heiner Zimmermann

Being a blacksmith in third generation you grow up with a lot of craft tradition and history. Working with architectural and sculptural forge work, Tools making was a part of my daily practise. Much later in my career I did discover what tools offer beyond their functional use. For the past years I focus to investigate what tools represent in society beyond the obvious values. 

100% Functional

The value of objects is the relationship you build with them. The relationship beyond the material value or the appreciation for the functional use. The relationship you build over time and use, so it feels like a natural extension of your body. When it becomes a part of your identity.  

Think of your favourite cup in the morning, or of your old worn T-Shirt you cannot throw away.  

My work displays shovels of people that used them, until I asked them to give them to me. They are more than shovels; they are a small part of people’s identity.