Silvia Corti

A reflection on death. 

Death is definitely an aspect intrinsically connected to the concept of life, and it is precisely for this reason that we can not escape the fact of having to face and elaborate the griefs that recur in the different moments of our existence.

While recognizing the great diversity of reactions that accompany the immediate moments after the loss of a loved one, I hope to succeed, through Dedica, to instill a vision of hope in my interlocutors. 

The luminosity, purity and elegant simplicity of the shapes that distinguish this tombstone refer directly to an idea of death as a natural and ineluctable transformation of state, and more precisely from an awareness of being, to which we are linked through our physicality until the attainment of a totally impalpable and spiritual state. 

Contextual to the previous theme also that relating to the affirmation of a principle of equality that is manifested with greater force and is expressed in the act of death, as a warning to the living, to encourage them to follow the guidelines of an ethically relevant life, able to impress a positive change within the society, today totally lost in the aesthetic representation of itself.

The short phrase carved on the tombstone underlines the indelible union between two seemingly distant worlds and almost prophetically announces the emphatic moment in which we will meet again the dear ones and friends. The sweetness of the words used here, witnesses of hope and trust in the future, guide us towards a sense of serenity that should accompany every moment of mourning: moreover, the awareness of the otherworldly existence is something noticeable in our soul.

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