Silvia Corti

Metalmorphosis. A Journey in the Transition.

This project takes its cue in the reflection on the bond which rises between aesthetic and ethic in the art, specifically in connection within the value that this necessarily adds to personal expression. Along the way, this insight articulates through the narrative of practical and theoretical developments in artistic practice. In this context, considerations upon the temporality, transformation and transitoriness overlap, thus generating a constant flux of consciousness and materiality. Metamorphosis with its intrinsical mutation becomes, hence, the representation of the creative process and life.

The exploration of oneself, and the awareness of the constant changing which everyone experiences, brings to light certain queries, concerning the relation established in the art, among universal and personal insights. The role that they play, in the construction of storytelling, able to actively engage the viewer, lastly the possibility to express the vital flux in the sculpture staticity.      

In this regard, patinas, emphasizing the transition of the metal state, become, simultaneously, the central aspect and the starting point on which develops the entire project, which finds its most accomplished expression in the realization of three installations: namely, Metalmorphosis Chiara, Metalmorphosis Rameica and Metalmorphosis Ramata.