Siri Tolander

I create sculpture and installations constructed for or in relation to specific sites and situations. In doing so I use materials and structures that communicate functionality and durability, such as steel, glass, concrete, fences and cages. My work is derived from moving through and physically experiencing different environments, ranging from man made brutalism to forgotten spaces and a never ending fascination for nature, how these areas interact, the juxtaposition between and the power structures they communicate and represent.

Titel of artwork

Thoughts about the art work
Useless Power is an ongoing project existing structures where the initial purpose is absent due to design flaws and therefore rendered somewhat useless, such as a watchtower without an actual place to stand. The tower then becomes a symbol, the visual language communicates a purpose even though it's not actually there. The language is one of power to which we react in relation to our own history. The structure can create boundaries, a sense of security, divisions and/or inclusion depending on what side of the power you are.