Théotime Ritzenthaler

I based my reflection on three concepts, peaceful loneliness, comforting melancholy and free flowing emotions. my goal is to create a sort of visual white noise, so that people, by looking at it can enter a mental memorial or grieving space. This inner memorial can then be used to store memories, feelings, thougths and relieve the viewer from sadness or hard feelings. The piece is made out of 3 pannels of steel, each has openings so you can put candles. Each pannel also includes a slot. Next to the pannels is going to be a stand with a roll of white canvas so people can leave a message by sticking a piece of fabric in the slot. The openings and space between the pannels allow the background to become part of the visual white noise. I am going to work with the texture and create a peaceful melancholic feeling, to add to this feeling, I chose to create 3 pannels to let the environnment enter the piece through the gaps in between them.

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