A Collaboration of two International Academic Metal Art Programs


HCA Hereford England

The Artist Blacksmithing programme encourages applications from tenacious, motivated and creative individuals excited by the diverse and extensive possibilities of working in hot forged metal. The programme focus is about challenging norms and bringing contemporary ideas to the rich tradition of blacksmithing. Consequently, there is particular emphasis on innovative thinking and skilled making. The programme encompasses a breadth of practice from architectural design to interior product and sculpture, all made from hot forged metal.

Supported by excellent lecturers and technical support staff,  students on the programme have access to the largest training-based forge in Europe. A network of specialist workshops are available, where students extend their knowledge into such material areas as wood, ceramics, textiles, and plastics.  The programme recognises the importance of making through digital fabrication as well as traditional making skills.

We enable our students to understand the connection between theoretical concepts and the practical concerns that drive contemporary forged metal design. This constantly evolving course is informed by current academic scholarship and the demands of a vibrant industry.

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The three-year programme includes courses in metal craft, public and gallery space, visual interpretation, communication, theory and history. You will work largely on projects where technical, material and functional requirements are related to space and interpretation problematics. Through lectures, visiting instructors, workshops and field trips, you will gain perspective and inspiration for your work and be able to relate it to theory. As a student, you are encouraged to participate in national and international exchanges, competitions and exhibitions that form the basis of future networks.

Courses in visual interpretation and communication, theory, and history take place along with students in other fine arts BA programmes at HDK Steneby.                                                

The programme is part of the international environment at HDK Steneby. The language of instruction is English. Swedish might be used occasionally for Swedish speaking students.

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