Exhibition Review

Munich Jewellery Week

28. February - 3. March 2024

Welcome to the exhibition.

Embark on a journey through our contemporary craft exhibition, styled as a modern Wunderkammer. Witness the enchanting fusion of traditional mastery and cutting-edge making. Discover fine handmade objects alongside found abandoned objects. Explore the dialogue between tradition and innovation. Each contemporary object is an expression of the artist's vision, weaving a collective narrative of a craft renaissance.


The concept recreated a cabinet of curiosities, where artists juxtaposed found objects arranged like archives with their own works. The reading wasn't easy, but the initiative and spatial arrangement were smartly conceived and executed.

Another standout from Munich, Wunderkammer, was curated by Tobias Birgersson and Metal Art Academy. I have certain expectations when one uses the word “wunderkammer,” or cabinet of wonder/curiosity, and I was pleasantly surprised at the way this presentation riffed on, and challenged, those expectations. Intelligent, Intriguing, and Elegant. I probably walked around that structure at least half a dozen times… even creating that level of engagement is noteworthy.

By curating an experience that brings a diversity of objects into relation, the organizers aim to share not only the results of crafts but also ignite curiosity about its processes and methods.

The Wunderkammer or Cabinet of Curiosities is a great way to pull visitors into a world of strange objects, to marvel at techniques, shapes and ideas. The display in Munich was condensed like the old Wunderkammern from Renaissance times. Modern times ask for modern solutions in this case a metal shelving unit. Intriguing things, both functional and decorative, conceptual and useable caught my attention. But the information on the brown paper labels, imitating old-days museum labels, was fake and a joke. To study the objects most people need some sort of information, which was generously provided if you asked for it. I wondered why the organizers choose to do it this way? How many people were asking, how many people just snapped a quick photo for their Insta and run to the next event?

Step into the Wunderkammer


Tobias Birgersson, Prof. Heiner Zimmermann

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