Adam Kminiak

The concept which I was working with was death and separation of people caused by death. At the same time I was trying to find some artistic and symbolic interpretation of a sword which would be relevant  for this idea. I decided to use just a fragment of a sword, since it was not necessary to use the whole shape of the sword. The cross section of the sculpture of the sculpture is the same as of a late medieval sword – it has two cutting edges and one fuller from each side. This shape is a symbol of death. Same as a sword, it splits apart and the cut cannot be undone. The wound hurts and leaves a big scar even if it heals after some time.

The cutting edged are made to look crooked and uneven to resemble old sword blades which have been eaten by rust and time. This is a symbol for the long time death has been here with us. The small but very visible detail is the omega symbol welded on both sides of the sculpture. The omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and i tis a symbol for end of something – in this case the end of life. I covered it with bright orange rust to make a nice contrast with the rest of the sculpture which is just dark burned sheet metal with a lot of scales.

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