Chrisse Kuisma Karlsson

Monstrous Invention
Science produce facts, art produces meaning, my brain gets lost in meandering thoughts.

My work is based on certain scientific facts that fascinate me and at the same time raise questions about our existence, our perception of reality and the existence of free will.

The reason for this work is not to explain scientific phenomena or theories. More than anything else, it is an open invitation to visit my brain. A constant flow of unsorted thoughts and theories, partly based on accepted facts and partly on associations that arise when facts are processed through my brain.

With this work I aim to formulate a story that makes sense through objects. An expression of a complex world extracted in color and form. A symbolic language that can be seen as an interpretation of the world. Using art to investigate what interests me and thus also to understand or build a narrative around the objects. I wanted to make objects that create an experience of a meandering thought, objects where reality is slightly distorted.

One of my technical goals was to develop a material-based method that could produce objects with a multi-layered surface structure. Fragmented objects where surface imperfection contributes to the perception of impermanence.

So, in this project I have been investigating what lies beyond our perceptual capacity, but to a very large extent affects both us and our world, an exploration of what lies beneath the surface. Taking the path over quantum mechanics and the complex subatomic relationships that cannot be easily observed. Microbes and religious symbolism meet the multiverse scenario to create a realm of its own.

The Collaboration

This webpage is the result of collaboration between two leading international university programs in metal art. A selection of the best BfA and MfA exam work will be presented every year.

HCA Hereford

Delyth Done
Hereford College of Arts
College Road Campus
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HDK Valand

Professor Heiner Zimmermann
Hemslöjdsvägen 1
666 95 Dals Långed
+46 768898186

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