Hampus Wallin

Sertum Floris Europae (Flower garland of Europa) is the name given to this project to reflect the flower garland
Europa put around Zeus (disguised as a white bull) before being dragged into the sea.

When Europa is dragged out into the sea on the back
of Zeus, she holds on for life. I see the band of flowers
around Zeus’s neck falling off into the depths. Europa
is also the name given to Jupiter’s fourth-largest moon,
where it’s been speculated that it harbors a vast ocean
underneath its icy crust. An ocean that could contain life.
The flowers that fell into the sea represent the band of
equatorial life that I imagen on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.
That lifeform is my exam project. To understand it and
show it to the world.
My work explores a fascination for growth and decay in
nature and an imagination of what life could be on another
planet. A floral exploration into a process that creates or-
ganic forms that resemble coral structures or living organ-
isms. Based on a solidification process of material within
a liquid.

The Collaboration

This webpage is the result of collaboration between two leading international university programs in metal art. A selection of the best BfA and MfA exam work will be presented every year.

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