Martin Agge Augustsson

Desanctifying the ancient Norse runes with modern art

My project is a journey from past to present. A bridge between the society in the Scandinavia one thousand years past and the one in Scandinavia today. It is a way for me to bring the Norse runes into a modern art context as part of the art without being carriers of a message themselves.
Drawing inspiration from graffiti and kitsch, I painted brightly coloured runes over and over again on metal shapes to make them become a texture. To blend them together into a background to de-emphasize the storytelling qualities of them and make them become an aesthetic element and part of the overall work without standing out as a message to be decoded.
I wanted to make something that would be interesting to people who don’t usually like things adorned with runes and thusly heavily associated with Viking-era culture. I wanted to make things that are silly and saps the mystical power of the runes. I wanted to bring the runes back in a way that is not associated with right-wing hate groups, precisely so that they stop being associated with what those groups stand for.
This has been a work of passion. Passion for the historical value of the runes and passion for the art that can bring relevance to them in today’s society.

The Collaboration

This webpage is the result of collaboration between two leading international university programs in metal art. A selection of the best BfA and MfA exam work will be presented every year.

HCA Hereford

Delyth Done
Hereford College of Arts
College Road Campus
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HDK Valand

Professor Heiner Zimmermann
Hemslöjdsvägen 1
666 95 Dals Långed
+46 768898186

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