Petter Lundström

In this paper it is explained the process and result of making grave markers with new
materials, designs and considerations. The meaning bearing foundation of these are
bronze casts of objects, everyday items, that relate to the one that has passed. The
idea of these objects is my belief that these objects can function as a way to remember,
relate and connect to the one that has passed.

Other aspects of relevance in the process and result are the wish that the grave marker
should instil a sense of place, allow for ritual or contemplation, as well as care for needs
like sitting and light that illuminates important features of the grave marker, such as text
or the bronze cast object. The materials used in the construction is terrazzo-concrete,
weathering steel and bronze. The produced grave markers are one of black terrazzo,
weathering steel and bronze – where the steel forms a partially internally lit pillar of
geometrical blocks, where text and water cut ornaments glow and a glass cylinder
through a terrazzo block on the top illuminates a bronze cast object. The terrazzo block
is shaped to hold water, intended both to add to the illumination of the object, as well as
to give a meditative focus and allow for a ritual of pouring water to fill it when visiting the

The other main grave marker is one that allows for sitting and is constructed of white
terrazzo and bronze, with a placeholder steel construction that could be substituted with
any blocks of similar construction to the ones in the base of the first grave marker, or
terrazzo blocks or a combination of both.

In addition to this, a few bronze cast objects are presented as they might appear on or
by a previously existing grave.

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